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Current Affairs Careers Digest (English) and Samsamyiki Avlokan (Hindi)
Careers Digest has in-depth articles and story of the month of very important topics where as Samsamyiki has recently held papers with answers and model papers for the coming exams. For beginners, Samsamyiki has regular chapters on Maths, Reasoning and English which give them an easy path to learn these tough subjects. It also has news coverage of the month which is relevant to the exams. Its Who's Who and Memorable Point sections add more feathers in its cap. Current MCQs in both the magazines are categorized in International, National, Economy, Persons, Defence, Sports and Miscellaneous sections to provide readers a systematic approach to practice. Moreover, if any one feels bored in solving questions, he can easily switch over to other sections thus making his practice interesting and feeling more comfortable while giving his best shot to his preparation of competitive exams.

Banking and You (English & Hindi)
These magazines have fully solved recently held banking and related exams along with the model papers which are specially customized for the coming exams. These solved and model papers provide enough space for practice to every candidate try to make it to the evergreen banking sector of the country. To enrich the candidates' knowledge in terms of current world and India events, these magazines also have 100 current MCQs and news coverage of the month including famous personalities of the month.

Economy at a Glance (English) and Arthvayavastha Avlokan (Hindi)
Economy at a Glance and Arthvayavastha Avlokan magazines have detailed cover stories revealing all the relevant facts and figures related to the topic and enhancing the understanding of its readers. Every month, these magazines include in-depth articles on important topics along with the comprehensive news coverage. Besides, these magazines are also enriched with the current MCQs which leave an everlasting impact on readers' memory which help them to recall the things in examination hall.